"Canine Country Club"

7051 Old Brownsville Rd. Bartlett, TN
(between Kirby Whitten &  Oak Rd)
Come take a look!
(note: on "Map Quest" you must use "Arlington 38002")

We board a limited number of dogs to stay at our private 4 acre "Canine Country Club".  We have huge fenced areas where your dog runs free and plays with other "guests" and our resident "host dogs".  There is NO extra charge for "Play Time". We have several fenced areas so only dogs compatible with each other are together. And since we live on the premises your dog gets her last "potty break" at 10pm!

NOTICE: Sometimes we can not signup new customers between May 1, -  Sep. 8 as we book up for much of the summer with our returning customers.

 If we are booked up, try Desoto Country Kennels

This is more than a "boarding kennel".

This is doggie heaven!

Your dog gets to be a "DOG", meeting new friends, socializing, and being in a "pack".  When not out playing your dog lives in a comfortable 10' x 11' (A/C or Heated) ROOM in our barn, usually with a very compatible "friend" or two. We don't use cages.

Normally, small dogs, and older large dogs (depending on energy and temperment ) live & sleep in the house with us and our pets. You may provide your dog's favorite sleeping blanket or bed or crate if you like.
By limiting guests to no more than 10 - 12 at a time, your dog enjoys plenty of play time and attention from us.

There is always one or more qualified, people supervising all dogs on the property.  Aggression is not tolerated, and we have isolated areas to safely put any dog showing aggressive behavior.

We take extra pride that our  doggie resort is a happy place for dogs, and go to great lengths to ensure your dog's safety.  We love dogs and don't want to see anyone hurt, we want your pet to come back, and for you to spread the word.

There are certain criteria you must meet to board your dog at our ranch:

*  your dog must be non-aggressive to other dogs as well as people, (we have an on-site non-aggression test. Before boarding, you must bring your dog for a short test visit)

*  your dog must enjoy being around other dogs and people

* your dog MUST be current on rabies, parvo, hepatitis and distemper shots, and SHOULD be on heartworm preventative, and "pest prevention" such as Frontline, Bio-Spot, Advantix, etc.

* If more than 12 months old, your dog must be neutered or spayed.

Because we keep our guests in "compatible social groups" we usually have to move dogs around when your dog is arriving, or departing.
It is important to call us when you're coming to drop off or pick up your dog, so we can clear the gate area.  It avoids a lot of noise when you drive up!

Only slightly more than those "cage kennels" at most boarding facilities where your dog is locked up almost 24 hours/day with (maybe) a few short "potty breaks". Our resort is much cheaper than so called Doggie Hotels and Camps!


One dog:  $25/night
Two dogs:  $40/night
Three dogs: $50/night
(10% discount for 7 nights or longer)

(We charge by the night like hotels do, not by the days)

We have more fun on our folk's vacation than they do!
Plenty of exercise, fresh air and socializing.
We love it. Here we come for breakfast!!
Winter time is fun, too!!!
(Our rooms are warm and cozy)