Lessons Learned

What we have learned since opening our “Dog Ranch” in September ’07.

Our biggest problem is not knowing of another place like this to recommend when customers call and we’re booked up. (Lately, we book up a month or more in advance of the big holidays).

Wouldn’t YOU like to do this?

We’d send you a lot of business. Memphis needs about 5 places like this!

Dogs have a great time at our resort.

We wish we did this 20 years ago?

What a wonderful way of life!

Our fees for day care and overnight stays are so reasonable we’re proud to print them on our home page.

Our guests’ daily routine that has evolved goes roughly like this:

  1. 7:45am – Out to the pasture for 20 minutes exercise.
  2. 8:15am – Breakfast
  3. 8:30am – Out to the pasture for another 20 minutes or so playtime & exercise, and back in to rest.
  4. Then, every 3 hours, outside to potty and play for 20 to 30 minutes at a time depending on weather.
  5. 6pm – Supper, followed by 20 minutes outside.
  6. 10:30pm – 10 minute outside potty break, then bedtime.

Dogs with shyness problems consistently develop excellent social skills during their stays here. We have many repeat guests and referrals.

Our guest dogs really like their sleeping quarters, be it in barn (Bunk House) or in our house. They willingly go back inside. New dogs consistently “pack up” and develop close relationships with other dogs quickly. It is amazing to see how easily different breeds of dogs play and pack together without hassels.

Cesar Milan’s “Pack Leader” style (Calm Assertive Leadership) is vital to our success because it works! We rarely have “incidents” involving aggression, and those are quickly controlled. We practice Cesar’s: EXERCISE, DISCIPLINE, AFFECTION method with great success.

Many of our guests actually live and sleep in the house with us. (Like going to Grandma’s) All small breed dogs, and quite often older bigger dogs with good house manners, stay in the house, too.

Within a very short time (an hour or two) our guests act as if they lived here all their lives.

Often, “issues” that owners tell us their dogs have at home, go away when their here.

With plenty of free time in our 3+ acre pasture, dogs get to be dogs:

Sporting dogs get to run and fetch to their heart’s content.

Working dogs get to just plain RUN!

Beagles get to sniff forever!

Older dogs often just walk around and explore, then “chill out” in the grass.

FINALLY, We really enjoy having a place full of “happy dogs” more than we ever dreamed! Our dogs (our own and our guests) don’t live with us, we live with our dogs!

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