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Pet sitting in Memphis.Overnight boarding on our 4+ Acre “Dog Ranch”! Not a regular dog kennel – dog heaven!

Many Memphis area kennels lock your dog in a CAGE for 23+ hours per day.

The only “cage” your dog might see here is the crate he or she will sleep in at night, if you bring one for your dog.


  • $25/day Overnight stays – (10% discount for 7 days & longer)
  • $25/night – one dog
  • $40/night – two dogs
  • $50/night – 3 dogs

AND here’s what’s really SPECIAL!!

Most Memphis area kennels won’t allow pet pick-up or drop-off on Sundays. Most Memphis area kennels won’t allow pet pick-up or drop-off on Holidays (so you pay for an extra day that you wish you had your dog). Some Memphis area “doggie hotels” actually charge you EXTRA for playtime on top of their already ridiculously high prices…


Plenty of supervised outdoor playtime in HUGE fenced areas! Socializing and playing with other dogs and people! Nice climate controlled sleeping quarters! Limited to a small number of guests!

Obviously, absolutely no aggressive dogs allowed (we have a simple test, before we let your dog stay with us).

We also have a comfortable “isolation area” just in case any dog becomes aggressive during their stay.

This is more like doggie “CAMP”, not a traditional “kennel”!

For small house dogs its like going to grandma’s! For bigger dogs its like going to camp! Please book reservations as far in advance as you can, we book up fast!

Sundays & Holidays – no problem, You can pick-up/drop off 7 days/week, from 8:30am to 9:00pm 365 days/yr. (Except for short vacations we post in advance)

NOTICE: Sometimes We can not sign up new customers between May 1, and Sept. 8 because we book up for most of the summer with our repeat customers.

Option 2: Pet Sitting Services

Going Out Of Town?

Welcome to Bartlett Pet Sitters & Dog Walkers Bartlett, Tennessee (901) 372-1825, 674-5770 cell

We provide (in your home) pet sitting for up to 4 Dogs &/or Cats For the price of ONE! Also: Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Exotic birds, hamsters, turtles, and fish no problem! We DON’t do snakes.

Avoid the stress and risks of boarding your pets at a crowded kennel. 

Let us feed, water, walk, love and play with your pets everyday you’re gone, up to 3 visits per day in the safety of your home. We’ll also water your plants, take in your mail and newspaper, take trash containers out on trash day, feed fish or birds and do other minor chores needed around the house.

Daily pet visits of about 30 minutes Up to 4 Pets for the price of one!

We serve Bartlett, Lakeland, Arlington, Cordova, Memphis, Tennessee

Typical Price is $16/visit (depending on distance)

All SERVICES 901-372-1825

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